Ways Of Administering Pills To Pets

30 Jan

At times, your dog might need to take antibiotics or other types of drugs. But, unlike us humans, it will not be easy for the dog to open their mouth wide and swallow a pill with water even though the pill is meant for his good. Below are some tips which will help in administering medicine to your pet a bit easier and less traumatic for both you and your pet.

The essential thing is to check with your vet to see if you can give your pet the pill with food. Approach this task positively and with calm. Be sure that neither you nor your dog are uptight. Just act natural and do not show your pet that you are about to do something which is out of the ordinary.

If you have confirmed that it is okay to disguise the medicine in a treat, you could wrap the pill in a bite-sized piece of bread that has been smeared with peanut butter or in a small piece of cheese. Ensure that you give your dog some PawsIQ treats before and after giving them the one that has the medicine. If they are anticipating the next treat, they will not pay much attention to the one they have in the mouth. Dogs are motivated by food, and this is fine because they are dogs.

If you can dissolve or crush the pill, mix it in his food bowl with the food that he takes. But be certain to feed him less food than usual so that he will eat everything in his bowl. The food has to be moist and not dry. You could give him more food after he has finished. But again, ensure that he eats everything which had the medicine before adding him a second helping.

Buy pill pockets at https://pawsiq.com. These are relatively new products. They are treats which are available in different sizes and shapes. The treats come with a hole in the middle in which you can put a pill. They are usually organic, and they have natural ingredients which enhance the digestive health without adding the weight. They are a stress-free and easy method of giving tablets to your pet. Pill pockets are best used for pets which are not accustomed to being handled but accept hand-held treats happily.

After administering the medication, it is crucial to give your pet water and then reward them with the treat. The treat will provide a pleasant association for this unpleasant process, and it will allow the pet to swallow whatever is in their mouth to ensure that the pet ingests the pill. Know more about pets at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/pet-care.

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